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About Us

Rural Business Incubator (RBI) is a collaborative programme designed to help the youths with innovative business ideas, new startups, nano enterprises to succeed in their business goals. We are here to help the incubates solve the problems commonly associated with running or starting their entrepreneurial journey by providing various support, mentoring, and training.

We are dedicated to:

  • Support and empower aspiring entrepreneurs and help early-stage business entities to conceive their ideas
  • Nurture fresh ideas, groom them to transform into sustainable businesses/start-ups
  • From innovation assessment to mentoring, coaching, and marketing – provide a 360-degree support system
  • Create employment opportunities for youth
  • Prioritise socially disadvantaged groups (SCs/STs/Women/Minorities)
  • Provide a dynamic mentor pool
  • Take up customised plans and strategies to make every potential business plan succeed

Customised Programmes

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Mentors will enrich your ideas, train you the current trends, navigate the right approach, help you about strategising your business and also monitor your journey.

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